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Our "Hello baby onesie"  is above all a newborn favorite. While soft to perfection, durable, and not to mention cool. In other words, our "Hello baby onesie" will have your baby wanting to wear it again and again. Ultimately, they'll love it as much as we do. After all and with this in mind, this one piece  is an essential to any baby's closet. In fact, for this reason we encourage you to get yours today. 

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Hello baby onesie

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We'll like to point out the following guiding chart:

  NB 6M 12M 18M 24M
Width, in 7.33 8.67 10 11.03 12.01
Length, in 11.46 12.49 13.51 14.49 15.52
Sleeve length, in 2.52 2.76 3 3.23